Numskull Designs Unveils Plans to Enter the World of Video Game Publishing

If you’re a gamer you’ll be aware of Numskull Designs. Just take a look around the merchandise you’ve gathered throughout the years, your rewards and spoils from a lifetime of video game love. Figurines, statues, keyrings, clothing, candles and everything in between with one thing in common. Whether it’s PlayStation, Activision, Bethesda, Capcom, Ubisoft or any number of other huge brands, it has the Numskull Designs branding. Today they revealed that they’re taking the next step by introducing:

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“Numskull Games is a new games publisher that is flexible, fast-paced, and vastly experienced, co-operating with the existing global reach & infrastructure of the Rubber Road Group.

With a focus on releasing new, exciting games to major digital storefronts and retail, as well as bringing existing, successful digital-only titles into the retail space, Numskull Games can immediately deliver expertise, resources in sales, marketing, finance, distribution, etc. worldwide.”

The team will be headed up by none other than Martin Defries, the man responsible for bringing classes Japanese titles ‘No More Heroes’ and ‘Harvest Moon’ to the West.

“Starting a new games publisher that integrates with the infrastructure and vast reach of the Rubber Road group is a compelling opportunity. Their resources and know-how mean that Numskull Games has the ability to promote, market, and sell games that take us beyond start-up immediately.”

“Further, by collaborating with Numskull Designs and their expertise, Numskull Games can offer a unique proposition to game studio partners. We already have a raft of exciting projects that will be announced in the coming weeks. The team here are keen to recruit further game content and expand our plans rapidly.”

If you’re a developer reading this and want to get in touch hit Numskull up right here: 

It’s an incredibly exciting time for the company, make sure to share your excitement and keep up to date with the many upcoming announcements that they’ll have in the next few weeks over @numskulldesigns or on their Youtube channel, simply search ‘Numskull Designs’. There’s even a website complete with the latest news and it’ll be directly updated with details on upcoming games, just head here.

Why am I so excited about this news?

One reason. One simple, fantastic reason. Team17. This wonderful British publisher has done so much incredible work with indie studios recently, giving us the Overcooked series, the Escapists, Genesis Alpha One and a lot more. More competition in that market is not only fantastic for the burgeoning industry but also for gamers. If this means double the wonderful indie experiences then you honestly won’t be able to contain my hype. I can’t wait to see what Numskull reveals first. Stick to if you want to be among the first to know!

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