Numskull will help you make your geeky friends Christmas with this new merchandise line

There are some people out there who genuinely wish it could be Christmas every day. Those same people really want to let it snow and are already rocking around their Christmas tree. I’m not one of them. To me, December 25th isn’t Christmas. It’s Tuesday. I’d literally rather spend the day on Hoth than surrounded by merry little elves trying to force me to pull the other side of a cracker and hearing the same joke that wasn’t funny the first twenty three times. Speaking of Hoth…

Numskull Design’s Christmas Jumper range launches Mid November!

Maybe that’s more than just Hoth. It’s actually more than twenty new and unique Christmas jumper designs. The variety on offer means that even myself, descendant of the great Ebeneezer Scrooge*, has something piquing my interest. What in particular? Well Hoth of course. I can’t even imagine the excitement @Vault_Fiction is currently experiencing on Twitter thanks to the Fallout jumper. Another three highlights are the DC Comics, officially licensed, jumpers based on Batman and Superman. Even the Clown Prince of Crime makes an appearance. The coolest of all though just has to be the Hogwarts one. For any muggles out there, Hogwarts is the magical academy that young witches and wizards attend. Not that anyone likely doesn’t know given that the Harry Potter series is everywhere, including gaming, these days. What makes Numskull’s Hogwarts so special? Candles. It lights up. If you choose to wear this you can not only be incredibly festive, you can be the biggest Potterhead on the planet at the same time. You’ll literally light up any room.

For more details and full pre-order information head straight here!

If you’re interested in anything on show I suggest you move quick, it likely won’t be available for long! For more gaming news and reviews, from merch to the latest on Red Dead Redemption 2, stick to

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