October 2017 Games With Gold possible leaked list

As usual, at the end of every month and before an official announcement made by Microsoft, the internet and especially social networks, fill with “leaked” Games With Gold pictures. A few times these images are real, but most of the times it’s just all fake.


This time around the “leak” shows as October 2017 Games With Gold the following;




OCT 1-31 DmC Definitve Edition

OCT 16- NOV 15 Shadow Of Mordor


XBOX 360

OCT 1-15 Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow (Backward Compatible)

OCT 16-31 Blood Drive (Backward Compatible)


No one should really give credit to any of this until it’s made official, but hopefully that would be the list; those are some pretty cool games if you ask me.

Anyway, I’m sure we will find out very soon if this leak is legit or fake, so stay tuned!



While doing some research, I found the official October 2016 Games With Gold list

screen shot 2016-09-29 at 2.23.39 pm.png


If you pay attention, there is the same “Escape and be epic” sentence, the same value and the same total gamerscore, which seems enough evidence to believe this list is probably fake. It has been clearly edited using last year image… but for us dreamers, there is still a 0.0000001% chance this is true, so let’s just hope it is!

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