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Official PUBG game goes Mobile

Following the footsteps of battle royale behemoth Fortnite, PUBG is now available on your mobile device, in the US only for now, with other regions promised in the coming months. With it being built around the Unreal 4 engine you are sure to get the similar experience as you do on consoles. Having got a child who is obsessed by Fornite and played a few times but I’m not a huge fan of it. However PUBG for me is where it’s at; I prefer the realism of PUBG to the cartoony vibe of Fortnite, so this bit of news excites me greatly and will most definitely be downloading and can’t wait until its available in the UK.

But for now for all you lucky US people across the pond here are those important download links:



When more screenshots and news unfolds on this, we will keep you updated!

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