Old School Musical Preview: The best rhythm game of all time?

At Gamescom in Cologne I got to play a ton of games. They were incredibly varied, from Metro: Last Light to Sekiro to Spyro to Forza to Biomutant to Jump Force to 11-11 and so on and so forth. One of the most unique was Old School Musical. Honestly I was totally blown away by how much this game absolutely gripped me. I was gutted when I had to put it down to run to my next appointment. I genuinely considered stealing the Switch unit it was on and taking it with me. So, what actually is it? 

Please watch. You’ll never understand the intensity but at the least you’ll get an idea of how unique the premise is. As you match the button patterns appearing on the screen the background will progress and develop. What makes this so special? Each background is based on a classic videogame franchise. Each music track is based on a classic videogame franchise. Pokémon is represented, Metal Gear is here, Mega Man shows up and even the likes of Road Rage/Outrun has its moment. In terms of being a retro throwback, Old School Musical is wonderful. It really pays homage to the games it represents perfectly. The levels feel connected to their source material while also appearing creative and fresh in the context of the game.

The blend of genres is so interesting. Rhythm games rarely take on any form of narrative, the famous two of Guitar Hero and Rock Band really struggled to implement any kind of campaign. Even games like Lumines are puzzle based. Parappa ties in a story but OSM intentionally doesn’t go that far. By presenting unique and individual scenarios it allows the game to focus on perfecting each without being detrimental to the others. As you tap the buttons to play you’ll feel the sheer intensity of the music or the character’s struggle in the background, especially at the higher difficulties. You’ll adapt to the controls thanks to the Switch’s versatility and feel yourself getting comfortable. The game really deserves to be experienced so you can truly understand what’s special about it.

Old School Musical launches September 13th on Nintendo Switch, I highly recommend it!


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