Oniken and Odallus Collection is coming to Switch and Xbox One

Retro style in all its glory!

If you can’t tell, I kind of love JoyMasher games. Not only Blazing Chrome is something I’m really looking forward to play this year, but I also loved their older titles. And it seems they want to share the love with the new generations, because JoyMasher has announced that we will have Oniken and Odallus Collection on Switch and Xbox very soon!

oniken and odallus collection 2.jpg

As they stated in their own website, the action platformer Oniken and the old style metroidvania Odallus will be available for purchase on Nintendo Switch February 8th, while we still don’t know the date for the Xbox version. If you already know about these two titles and you want to expend more money on them (and why wouldn’t you, it’s f*cking JoyMasher), they are also going to release a physical edition of both games that will come with a CD of both games’ soundtrack, a small but nice add-on nonetheless.

If you want to know more these two titles, Odallus is a really good metroidvania title with an amazing retro style that will kick your ass really hard. Oniken is basically what happens when you ask the devs if they can make their games easier: a middle finger filled with death and hard as hell boss battles and stages. But don’t get me wrong: both titles are worth the price of admission, and having both of them on Switch would something nobody should miss!

And if you want to know more about the last thing being made by JoyMasher, be sure to take a look at this gameplay of Blazing Chrome. 2019 will be the year of indies for sure!

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