Open World Survival Game ‘Scum’ Gets Release Date

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Today is finally the day we’ve been waiting for, the day that has been teased by Gamepires for a while over on Twitter, today we finally have the release date for Scum.

Scum will be released on PC on August 29th when it will hit Steam early access.

For those unaware of Scum, it is the next thing in open world survival gaming, where you get to explore the massive island of Bagne de Cayenne, but here’s the difference; Scum promises to have unprecedented levels of character customization and character progression never seen before, check out the customization trailer below:

It’s not just about the size of the gun, the most important weapons in your arsenal are your skills and your smarts run and gun will get you killed in no time at all.

Scum is due to hit Steam Early Access 29th August, you can add it to your Steam Wishlist now!

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