(Opinion) NeoGAF has self-destructed

Earlier today on October 21st, 2017 NeoGAF owner Tyler “Evilore” Malka was accused of Sexual Harassment. The repercussions of this accusation have been tremendous, with all but 1 admin resigning from the site and many threads being locked down in a form of damage control. The site has now been left un-managed, with threads about the subject being left open and rampant about the issues where earlier they would be immediately locked down to control the spread of this information.

The community however finally had a different stance on this and decided that it needed to be openly talked about. No more biased BS, no more being restricted on what can be openly talked about. The community has had enough. This is not a communist government/social media site. People have the right to free speech. Being locked out from the right to say what you want, is oppressive and horrific and inhumane!

These are just some of the examples of what the site was doing in order to control what was going out and being said by the public. This is horrific! Any type of social media/forum type site should never be managed and controlled in this way. It’s power hungry, and in no way is a respectable form of management. Here is the screen of the initial implication, accusing NeoGAF owner Tyler “Evilore” Malka of Sexual harassment. In no way, should you reach out to either party stated and voice your opinion. Take it for what it is, but leave these people out of it and let it resolve on its own. img_20171021_230234813191565.jpg

The accuser’s brother took the liberty, and courage to voice it onto the NeoGAF forum and quickly and efficiently was banned from the site. I applaud him for standing up for what is right, protecting family and bringing to light the subject at hand. These matters cannot ever be taken lightly. Since this has begun, it’s been nothing but a deconstructive, imploding chain of events. First was the major damage control of the moderatos trying to control the subject, but soon after they knew it wasn’t going to end in any good fashion and gave up. ALL moderators/admins except for 1 (as far as I know) ave fully resigned from the site. The excuses Tyler Malka was apparently using as an “Excuse” for his actions did not cut it for the admins and they all left the site promptly. here is a ist of said Admins. screenshot_20171021-222531529955320.png

This goes to show, that none of them believed his pathetic excuses for his actions and would not stand or defend them on their behalf. I applaud these people for doing the right thing. NeoGAF has been known as a site for many gaming fans, devs, journalists, and publishers to go to voice their opinions and give feedback. Having a site to be able to do these things is fantastic, but knowing how this site was operated and ran by such a vile person does not deserve to exist. The community can very easily do better, and I implore them to take the stage and do so. Shortly after these moderators/admins left the site, threads began to be left open with people voicing their thoughts on the current subject.

At one point in time, the site was conveniently “Taken down for maintenance” during this whole fiasco. This goes to show that Tyler Malka will go to no lengths to protect his interests and his public stance on this. img_20171021_2211192141297806.jpgimg_20171021_2217201722486295.jpg

This statement by him is a load of garbage. today proves that he is only looking out for his self-interest and preservation of the site. In no way, does he truly care about what goes on towards woman and protecting the values and security of the female gamer. NeoGAF cannot continue any longer if he logical in any way, shape or form. NeoGAF has always been known to be a type of “Toxicity” site whether you believe it or not.

This is above and beyond the petty console wars. This is not anything to take lightly. This, in any type of culture, CANNOT continue. We are all one and the same, with the same passion in mind to leave the console war BS out of this. We need to take extra measures to reassure that our female gaming community will always be protected and valued. These awesome gaming ladies provide some of the best entertainment, shows, streams, and personalities that the community could never do without. I implore you, to support and cherish these ladies and help them be the forefront of what we hold dear in the gaming community. They deserve it, bar none.

I will consistently try to provide links to threads/sites that prove what has been going on today on October 21st, 2017. Please leave a comment with any info so we can keep this as accurate as possible and keep the word going. It’s horrible to hear that it has been going on in other areas of media and cuture, but to have it in gaming is just as bad and we cannot let this go lightly.

Here are some links to read from other sources about the subject.





NeoGAF begins self exposé of Tyler "EviLore" Malka’s alleged harassment claim from KotakuInAction

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