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Out-Rage-ous Retailer Blunder Reveals Upcoming Bethesda Sequel

Today an image has circulated social media with a number of seemingly leaked games prior to E3. These were via Wal-mart listings and the games were available to pre-order suggesting that there is truth to some of the rumors.

However one of the seemingly revealed games has had a further twist as a developer has gotten involved on twitter. Bethesda have decided to have a little fun with the webpage for Rage 2. Rage was a first person shooter set in a post apocalyptic world with gameplay similar to the Far Cry or Borderlands series.

It released in 2011 and gathered very good reviews, sitting at an 81% on Metacritic. With Bethesda currently enjoying a very successful development period, releasing games such as Fallout 4, Skyrim VR, Wolfenstein 2, The Evil Within 2, Prey and Doom as well as more in only the last three years, it would make sense for them to resurrect some other IPs from their back catalogue.

It’s nice to see developers have fun like this on social media. However it does seem to confirm that we could see a return of the IP. Is it real? Will it have a Battle Royale Mode? Will it come to Nintendo Switch? If we do get answers it’ll be at E3, which is now only a month away. It’s incredible times to be a gamer right now, with brilliant retro throwback beat em ups and wonderful AAA experiences available right now. For all your news on the best games available today and the potentially great games on their way, stick to (we cover the bad ones too).

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