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The hottest selling console this year, The Nintendo Switch, was slowly to get third party support but now developers are jumping onto the console. A stark contrast to the lukewarm reception and life cycle of the Wii U.

One company that has just announced that it’ll be bringing two of its games to Nintendo’s hybrid console is developer Red Barrels. That’s right, in the first quarter of 2018 Nintendo Switch owners will bee able to play Outlast and Outlast 2 at home and on the go.

Both first person horror games were well received as this further proves the Switch is here to stay.

Some background on the titles.
In the first Outlast, you play as Miles Upshur who is a freelance investigative journalist. He decides to investigate a psychiatric hospital, an asylum in the Colorado mountains. In seclusion. Investigating quickly turns to fighting to survive. The game captures vulnerability well as you have no weapons as must rely on stealth.

Outlast 2 follows the same gameplay format but the story is different. Another unlucky investigator but this time you are searching for your missing wife, who you got separated from, when you had gone there to investigate a murder. There are more gameplay elements that are new and affect how you play and interact with the world, like the player’s glasses.

If you love survival horror, both games are a must own and the portability factor may may make this the ultimate version.

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