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Overwatch’s Pink Mercy skin raises incredible $12.7 million for Breast Cancer Research!

A massive round of applause and congratulations is due to everyone over at Activision Blizzard and the Overwatch team! This is the largest donation made to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation within a one year period.

Between the $15 skin, the thousands of limited edition t-shirts sold and streamers raising an extra $130,000, the Overwatch community reached this massive achievement. Blizzard took to the playoverwatch.com website to thank their fans for this incredible show of support and contribution to such a vital cause. Community artist VICKISIGH designed the Pink Mercy skin, shown here:

Thank You! Pink Mercy Raises More Than 12.7 Million (USD) for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Once again, massive congratulations are due to the Overwatch community and anyone out there who volunteers their time, effort or money to causes such as the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. It’s a cause everyone here @thelootgaming 100% supports and we’re all incredibly impressed by the Overwatch community’s astounding efforts!

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