Oxenfree Review

Now, I know that Oxenfree has been available for a while, but with it just coming off Games With Gold I figured it was time I played through it and let me tell you, I’m so glad I did. Oxenfree is intriguing, spooky and beautiful all at the same time. Want to know more? Keep reading my Oxenfree review.

Reviewed on Xbox One; Also available on PC and soon to be available on Nintendo Switch.


You take control of Alex, a somewhat rebellious teenager, whose overnight party on a mysterious island takes a ghastly turn when you unintentionally open a ghostly portal. Let me first point out, when I played Oxenfree for the first time, I had no idea what kind of game I was delving into. It became quickly clear that this was the perfect game to play with Halloween right around the corner! From the get go (before you open a spooky portal) there is something that just doesn’t feel… right? There are talks of a death fairly early on, of which, as the player, you have no idea about. This all adds to the suspense and tension this game offers. I found the story very intriguing, to the point I literally didn’t stop playing the game until it had been completed.




I love games that allow you make vital decisions that completely affect the outcome of your story. There are 7 different endings to Oxenfree, each one drastically different. I’m not going to say what any of them are, but I got a ‘bad’ ending and it automatically made me want to start the game again to change that outcome. What I love most about this game is that it is a thriller but there is no violence whatsoever, no weapons, nothing. The only thing to arm you is a radio that ‘tunes’ into other dimensional frequencies. Spooky.


Graphics and Sound

Oxenfree really does look pleasing to the eye, everything is hand drawn (which is amazing in itself) and the way it is sort of filled with ‘dull’ colours really makes it more eerie. The music in this game seriously reminds me of the ‘Stranger Things’ intro… 80’s sci-fi almost? It completely complements the chilling atmosphere. Take a listen for yourself. Spooky but oddly relaxing, right?




If you’re looking for a unnerving game to play this Halloween, Oxenfree is the game for you. Although, easily completed in a night, Oxenfree doesn’t overstay its welcome. When you finish the story, I urge you to try not to press that ‘Start Game’ button all over again just to get a different ending. It will fill you with joy, sorrow and spine-chilling moments; Oxenfree absolutely nails every aspect of what a ‘good’ game should entail. The story is spot on, the graphics are beautiful and the music is alluring. This is only a brief look into the World of Oxenfree, for only £15.99 it’s totally worth picking up to experience it for yourself and find out what is happening.












  • Great Soundtrack
  • Perfect for Halloween
  • Fully hand-drawn
  • Intriguing story
  • Choices made in game affect end resuly

Not Cool

  • A little short
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