Planescape Torment Enhanced Edition Review

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Planescape Torment is the latest RPG mobile title from developers Beamdog, bringing modern features to an old school model. Planescape takes you deep into the Dungeons and Dragons multiverse to the dark city of Sigil where different races from demons to devas gather.

You play as the “Nameless One” who has woken from a deep coma not knowing who you are or even why you are here, you are challenged to explore the world of Sigil to find the hidden answers to the many questions you have, along the way you will enlist the help of fellow travellers and citizens of Sigil to help you on your adventurous path.

Does this game stand up as the unique RPG we are all looking for? Read on through this Planescape review to find out my thoughts.

Developed by Beamdog

Release Date: April 11, 2017

Available On: iOS and Android (reviewed on iOS)

Price: 9.99


I was quite hopeful when I got this to review as it seemed quite a good concept and having a story with zombies in are normally my game of choice. As the plot starts, you are woken by a headless floating skull (who becomes your partner). The story and dialogue is played out through a series of “choose your own adventure” style questions with a series of answers, this is where things start to go a bit wrong for me. Now, I like the idea of waking and not knowing who you are and having to find out throughout the story but the touchscreen choose your own options are laggy and take a few attempts to get your chosen option so this can become tiresome to say the least so in turn it makes following the story a bit hard to do and also frustrating.

Moving on, you start to get on to the allegedly fun part which is the combat, as you start to see zombies spawning around you. The combat, although it has a purpose, seems a bit slow and sluggish for me and got a bit boring after a while.

Movement around the maps is a point and click turn-based system but depending on the size of your fingers you will find that you will send the wrong character forward on most occasions.

I like playing games on the go and overall like mobile gaming as well, but I want more of a pickup and put down game or something where you can carry on where you left off. This, however, is not that game and the few occasions I finally got somewhere and started to get into the game, I stopped to do something else, like you would tend to do with a mobile game and when I got back to it I had to start again from scratch… which kinda becomes annoying and limited my progress through the game.

Graphics and Sound

To be fair the graphics of the game are pretty good considering it’s for mobile platforms I would expect this style from an arcade title along the lines of early PC games and kind of suits the RPG genre.

Sigil is a dark and dreary land and the game carries the atmosphere off very well, the dark and moody graphics really do add to the game, but at times this too can be a bit too dark making it difficult to see what the objective is.

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The sound effects are good especially the zombies with their moaning and groaning, and you do get some voice acting which is a plus, the music is deep and meaningful and adds to the atmosphere as well.

Value for Money

The retail cost of Planescape is 9.99, so do I think it’s Value for Money? In a word no, not really, if I was to come across it at a few quids I would probably give it a punt but at a tenner, I would probably not.


To summarise my thoughts on Planescape then, I just didn’t get it, it tries hard to be the RPG of the mobile world but just gets lost in itself. The bugs kinda ruin it for me and I feel like if they could iron them out then you may be on your way to a better game.

Planscape Torment Enhanced Edition

Planscape Torment Enhanced Edition







Value for Money



  • Zombies
  • A good storybase
  • Good graphics for a mobile game

Not Cool

  • Hard to get into
  • Not flowing gameplay
  • Not easy to get into on the go
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