Players Unable to Set Sail as Sea of Thieves Suffers Launch Issues

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Here are two separate tweets from the official, blue tick verified @SeaOfThieves Twitter account:

You read that right, if you bought Sea of Thieves on launch day but weren’t able to log in and play at a certain time you won’t be able to until the issue, codenamed Lavenderbeard (also Kiwibeard) is fixed. Due to the fact that the game is online only there is no way for you to access the game that you own or have purchased because of server issues. The second tweet happened at 9:20PM GMT. At the time of writing over two hours had passed with no fix. Some people are having success but it seems minimal. The replies to the tweets are overwhelmingly negative. Given that this is an Xbox First Party, Flagship exclusive it is incredibly disappointing to see it suffer from server issues.

Hopefully the downtime doesn’t last too much longer or drag out through launch week. The sooner the seas are full of budding new thieves, the better the game will become. Rare and Xbox have the resources and experience to turn the situation around. I’ll update this article with any further developments on this story, until then keep your telescopes pointed at for all your gaming needs.