PlayStation 4 is Unstoppable

Today Sony announced their engagement numbers along with an updated amount of consoles sold. Let’s just say that with the recent announcement it looks like the only thing that is going to stop the PlayStation 4 from selling is PlayStation themselves. The numbers are astounding compared to where they were and ended last gen for the gaming giant.


The PlayStation 4 has sold through to consumers at a staggering 70.6 million consoles sold. Along with those numbers we also were told how many games have been sold across all PlayStation 4 consoles sold and it too is a staggering number. As of December 3, 2017 there have been a total of 617.8 million games sold both retail and digital putting the attachment rate for the PS4 at an astounding 8.75:1. This puts the PS4 in the upper echelon in terms of console attach rate. There have been only a handful of console that have had a higher attach rate than the PS4 does currently. The GameCube for example had an attach rate of  9.59:1 which is Nintendo’s highest attach rate of any console, followed by the Wii at 8.84:1. Yes, that is correct. Out of all the Nintendo platforms the PS4 ranks 3rd among them and there are only a few more that achieved higher than PS4. This news shows that by the end of the generation (whenever that will be) the PS4 could theoretically surpass every console’s attach rate along with console’s sold.

PSVR pic

Not to be outdone but the PSVR has some very impressive numbers as well. As of December 3, 2017 the unit has sold 2 million units and has sold 12.2 million units of software putting the attachment rate for the peripheral at 6.1:1. That is astounding to think of what was once rumored (online forums) to be a failed device that wouldn’t ever take off much less be supported has a very definitive place in the market these days. To put it in perspective to peripherals, the Kinect had an attachment rate of 1:1. Yes for every Kinect sold only one game was bought along with it. This shows that the PSVR is definitely accepted by gamers by large and appears to be having a very lasting effect in the community placing itself as the premier VR platform to own.

PS Plus

Also in the positive news for Sony, it has now become the leading online gaming platform out doing Steam (previous leader) by 3 million monthly active users. PSN currently sits at 70 million monthly active users, while Steam is nearby with 67 million, following up with Xbox at 55 million. Now with PSN and XBL numbers neither the 70m nor the 55m are all paying customers.

What do you think about this recent news from PlayStation? Do you see their popularity ending anytime soon? Or do you believe that really the only thing at this point to stop the PS4 hype train is a stumble by PlayStation themselves? Let us know in the comments down below where we can banter back and forth. Look forward to speaking with you.

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