Playstation E3 2018 Recap and Review

The Conference

So what actually happened?

On a whole, it wasn’t a great showcase from Sony. A very confusing setting lead to a very awkward beginning to their presentation. After a wait while the show was set up, a musical solo led into a trailer for The Last of Us Part II. While the gameplay was excellent and the content absolutely breathtaking, the bizarre church environment it was hosted in was incredibly jarring. Not only that but the entire audience being moved to a separate arena while viewers at home were ‘treated’ to a COD and Destiny trailer was pretty uncool. We were at least reminded that Days Gone will be launching in February 2019 and the new game plus mode for God of War revealed. After the audience were settled into the next hall, another musical solo introduced Ghost of Tsushima. Finally the conference picked up and this game was absolutely jaw dropping. A side mission was shown with samurai combat and colorful visuals that are unrivaled on consoles.

This moved straight into a couple of new announcements. Quantum Break developer Remedy’s new game Control was shown and Resident Evil 2 Remake was revealed. This is where the conference found its feet and overall the improvement was massive. Justin Roiland’s new game Trover Saves the Universe was also revealed featuring the same Rick and Morty humor we know him for. For the third time at E3 2018, we got to see a Kingdom Hearts trailer. Featuring a previously unrevealed world and some intriguing story beats it worked well.

Then the pacing issues kicked back in as we were shown a lengthy look at Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding. This included some gameplay. The game looks amazing and we can start to see it will be a stealth based title as Kojima is so renowned for already. The slow pace was slightly ramped up with the brief announcement of Nioh 2. To close the show we got a look at our friendly neighborhood Marvel’s Spider-Man and his rogue’s gallery. This was an exciting trailer that gives us an idea of the game’s plot as well as a look at the game’s dynamic combat system. It releases in September 2018.

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What was shown?

One more thing?

From Software are making a PS VR game!


Overall, Sony had an interesting conference despite it being a tale of two shows. One of these shows was a poorly timed, poorly paced, poorly thought out mess. Weird interludes and odd distractions really hampered the overall presentation. The other show was the Sony we’ve seen previously. Industry leading gameplay and graphics that bring the audience to the edges of our seats. Nothing at E3 comes close to the animations in The Last of Us or the backdrops in Ghost of Tsushima. The handful of reveals Sony brought along were interesting and will definitely get a lot of praises and deserved hype from hardcore fan bases. Unfortunately, there weren’t enough of these. Dropping Call of Duty: Black Ops III for free to PS Plus subscribers was a cool move that is incredibly appreciated. All in all this conference is unlikely to blow the industry away, what it will do is excite the masses to see that not only are these AAA juggernauts coming, they’re well on track to continuing Playstation’s current critical acclaim trend.

Playstation E3 2018 Conference









  • Breathtaking Gameplay
  • Incredible Visuals
  • COD: BO III for free

Not Cool

  • Poor Pacing
  • Odd Opening
  • Musical Moments

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