Playstation Exclusive Detroit: Become Human has a release date

Quantic Dream’s PS4 exclusive game Detroit: Become Human has a release date. The android thriller was announced at Paris Games Week in October 2015 and since then has captured many fans while also creating a lot of controversy due to the game’s intense, mature trailers. We will finally get to craft our own story in David Cage’s thriller on May 25th 2018. The final synopsis for the game via the Playstation Blog is:

“In a dystopian vision of our near future, Detroit is the story of three androids, three machines designed to obey, who start to feel emotions. Confronted with persecution and the violence of society, they will all have to decide who they want to be.

Connor is a prototype designed to help human investigators on cases involving androids; Kara becomes a fugitive by empathising with a little girl, united in their dream of freedom; Markus will become the leader of the android revolution.”

All three characters are fully playable and the player’s actions will shape the story, as it did in 2010’s PS3 exclusive Heavy Rain. This game also had multiple playable characters and endings depending on key choices made throughout the story. David Cage has stated that his team really wanted to push the PS4 to its limit with this game, gameplay trailers have suggested they’ll make good on this promise. For more on Detroit: Become Human stick to

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