Playstation Profiting from Overwatch Charitable Gesture?

Yesterday Blizzard released an incredible new skin for Mercy, a healer character in their incredibly successful online PVP multiplayer shooter Overwatch. The Pink costume is stunning and really highlights the message of Breast Cancer Awareness. The skin will be available for two weeks costing £12.99 or $15. Not only will Blizzard donate every penny (cent for you yanks) from the proceeds, they’ll be offering up a donation of at least $250,000 (sorry Brits they gave the figure in dollars) of their own volition. You can also buy this pink t shirt for $30 through the Blizzard website. All of the money raised is being donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Head to the Breast Cancer Foundation Website to find out more about this vital charity here:

However a controversy has unfortunately arisen through all of this wonderful goodwill. For some reason not all of the money on Playstation appears to be going to charity; Sony appears to be profiting.

The following image is from the Playstation store, stating that only £10.12 will be donated to charity. This difference is larger than the UK VAT tax rate of 20%, meaning the issue is related to Sony rather than regional.

In the US there is different wording, the image follows with the sentences highlighted. ‘100% of the proceeds received by Sony Playstation’. This statement implies that Blizzard are not receiving every cent of revenue on this product through PSN.

On the other hand it is clear on the Xbox store that every cent/penny is being delivered straight to the incredible cause that Blizzard are supporting. Hopefully all is not as it seems and Sony are not profiting from a charitable cause. If they are it would be an absolute disgrace.

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