Playstation Reveals Numbers, Surpasses Huge Monthly Active Users Milestone

Today Sony had a huge event in which they laid bare all of the facts about their business. This includes strategy, numbers financials and many many interesting bits of information for the avid gamer. As both a numbers geek and a massive fan of Playstation (check out my review of this years GODLIEST PS4 game) I was excited to dive into the presentation and work out what it means for the gaming community. Here is the full presentation.

If that’s too much reading for you then stick with this article where we will break down the important parts.

  • 79 million PS4s sold worldwide as of March 31st making the PS4 the current generation market leader in console gaming
  • 80 million plus monthly active users, over 30% higher than the same metric on nearest competitor Xbox Live
  • Over 800 million hours of gaming a week as of December 2017, averaging at least 10 hours per user
  • 246 million units of software sold in financial year 2017
  • 34.2 million PS plus subscribers which is up from 26.4 million the previous year, nearly a 25% increase
  • VR market growth has been below expectations
  • PS Vue’s market and future business model is currently uncertain
  • ForwardWorks – a mobile developer for Sony, has suffered delays and their title is still in investment phase
  • User engagement highlighted through strengthening all aspects of the Playstation brand
  • 18% Profit growth driven by software sales and add on sales
  • Strategy from 2018 onwards focusing on ‘enriching’ exclusive titles such as Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War
  • Growing and improving recurring revenue such as PS Plus
  • Strengthening user engagement by offering a wide variety of games, a wide variety of access to games such as free to play options and continuous IP development
  • Also mentioned it Esports and enhancing Data analytics
  • Playstation Operating Profit is the highest its ever been
  • Monthly active users is the most important metric as it guarantees continued profits, not console units sold

So now to look for the highlights of the highlights. What jumps out to me is the Playstation brand’s strategy.

Sony intends to use mast have exclusive IPs to entice a consumer to buy a console then provide them with an abundance of reasons to stick with the console.

The monthly active users proves this strategy has been a massive success so far. This could see Sony look to introduce their own service based games alongside the single player titles. The company has reinforced the importance of their single player games in this presentation as a gateway to the PS4 community. ‘Enriching’ exclusives suggests Sony will continue to provide many reasons to return to games you already own, Horizon Zero Dawn’s Frozen Wilds DLC is an example as is Bloodborne’s The Old Hunters DLC expansion.

The overall sentiment seems to be that getting players engaged in the brand and offering them as many options with a Playstation logo as possible is paramount to keeping them engaged. Monthly Active Users is now going to be the metric that Sony is focused on and the next company target is 100 million. PSVR is growing but unfortunately the VR market is not growing. The PS4 is entering it’s final stages of its lifecycle. The loss of console revenue will be offset by the potential of active users rolling over to the next generation console, hence the refocusing of metrics.

The final point to focus on comes straight from the mouth of President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, John Kodera himself:

“You can expect more exclusive titles for Playstation platforms!”

Considering the quality of PS exclusives in recent years this is incredible news for all gamers. With E3 literally only weeks away we don’t have long to wait to find out what Playstation has hiding up its P shaped sleeves. We’ll also finally find out what Death Stranding is. Until then Detroit: Become Human is releasing this week and our State of Decay 2 review just went live, check it out! Stick to for all your gaming needs.

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