Pocket Rumble Is Finally Coming To Switch!

When the first Nindie reel was showcased with the Nintendo Switch, there was one game that caught everyone’s eye. A simple fighting game called Pocket Rumble. This 8bit Street Fighter inspired fighter was expected to launch sometime in the summer but it was hit with delay after delay and eventually silence surrounded it to the point that many thought it had been quietly cancelled.

Since that time, it has lost the advantage of being the first and only fighter available on Nintendo’s hybrid console. At worse it would have had to compete with Capcom’s release of the updated Street Fighter II, The Final Challengers. Now, however, it’ll have to compete with a plethora of fighting properties as the fighting game genre has thrived on the Switch. Games like The Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection that released last month and BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle that launches today stand in it’s way.

Now the developers have released the following on the game’s Kickstarted page:

Let us know down below if you are excited for the release of Pocket Rumble. I’ll tell you that I am, I am a fighting game enthusiasts so the more the better. Also, the developer Cardboard Robot Games are extremely talented and creative. Also, PC owners, are you excited for the next updates they can finally work on now that the Switch version is complete?

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