Pokémon GO’s Dortmund Safari Zone is a ridiculous success, attracts nearly 200,000 trainers!

Last weekend 170,000 Pokemon trainers gathered in the German city of Dortmund to battle, trade and socialize. Between June 30th and July 1st Niantic hosted the huge event which allowed trainers from every region to gather and collect a variety of rare creatures. The beautiful weather helped to make the weekend special for the huge amount of people visiting and aiding them in catching 28.6 million Pokemon over the two days. The event carried a real festive atmosphere as so many people were able to bond over their shared experience. On offer was:

  • A wide variety of food and drink
  • Team lounges with 900 seats
  • Photo opportunities with everyone’s favorite mascot, Pikachu
  • Rare regional Pokemon such as Corsola made appearances
  • Increased numbers of Shiny Pokemon, a very rare variant form
  • Unknown spelling – D/O/R/T/M/U/N/D – no prizes for working out why

The best news for people reading this thinking it sounds fantastic? This is only the beginning. On the 14th and 15th July Chicago will host Pokemon Go Fest, later in the summer the next Safari Zone event will occur in Yokosuka, Japan.

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