‘Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu/Eevee!’ revealed and Core Pokemon RPG coming 2019

Let’s go back to Kanto where these two brand new Pokemon games are set! Announced last night via an event in Japan the two new titles will work as a bridge between casual players and the core console games. Nintendo and Game Freak are really looking to capitalize on the massive success of Pokemon Go and this game shows that.

There’s a lot of exciting information to get through on this so “Let’s Go”.

  • The games launch worldwide November 16th 2018
  • This is not the core Pokemon RPG announced at E3 2017
  • Pokemon Go functionality allows you to move Generation One Pokemon between the games, as featured in the trailer
  • Controllable using only one Joy Con with the help of motion controls
  • Drop in local co-op
  • No random encounters, Pokemon are visible in the overworld
  • A poke-ball accessory launching the same day allows you to catch Pokemon with it
  • A Pokemon follows you at all times. As well as your starter Pikachu or Eevee a second Pokemon accompanies you, you can even ride larger creatures!
  • No HMs
  • Trading is included

“For our first entry on the Nintendo Switch, I really wanted to do something more kind of simplified, something that really anyone could enjoy,” Masuda said. “I think the reason for this is to get more Switches into the hands of younger kids and more casual players, not just players who are really interested in hardcore games or are really gamers first and foremost.”

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