Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield Direct Showcase

So Pokémon had a Direct today for upcoming releases Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, giving us a lot of information that we didn’t know yet. For example, the games are slated to launch on the 15th of November and there will be a special dual pack that will package both games together.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

Let me start off by saying that Pokémon has never looked better than this entry and a lot of attention to detail has gone into the world design and building. The trailer showcases quite possibly the best region to date for the series. Speaking of this region, the Direct makes mention that depending on the time and weather conditions, different Pokémon will appear. This will offer more diversity in encounters and will make us all even more sleep deprived as we try to catch them all. Trust me, I’m not complaining. Plus, The Pokémon Company has a tool to help with that: Pokémon Sleep.

Some new Pokémon were shown off, such as Wooloo and the sick looking Corviknight. Where the former is adorable looking, the latter looks like a black crow of death. I want them both so bad and will main them. Quote me on that. We will have new evolutions, depending on the Pokémon, and we have a new gameplay mechanic for the series called Dynamax. Dynamax allows one Pokémon in your party to turn gigantic for three turns, increasing their power and making them more formidable. Due to the three turn gap, and one time use, you will need to plan accordingly to not waste it because it can truly change the tide of battle.

Another new mechanic for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield is that when you are in the Wild Area, the areas around the towns where you collect Pokémon, you and up to four players, either locally with Switches or online, can engage in Raid Battles. Raid Battles are fights against Dynamax Pokémon that will require good communication and strategy and only one player in the party can utilize the Dynamax mechanic for one of their Pokémons. Afterward, the defeated Dynamax Pokémon can be caught.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

The Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield trailer introduce Leon and he is the greatest and most famous Pokémon trainer in the new Galar region, in other words, he’s the Suga from BTS of the world. His little brother, Hop, is your rival and he’s adorable and sweet looking. I cannot wait to crush him. Sorry fam, I take my Pokémon legacy seriously. Other cast and characters are revealed and the world looks fleshed out and the Pokémon more diverse this time around. Longtime fans of the franchise will find this new entry a nice revitalization for the series and newcomers will find what made the series great to begin with and new mechanic to enjoy for the first time with the rest of us.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon ShieldThe Direct ended with a nice CGI trailer showing the two legendary Pokémon Zacian, the wolf with a sword in its mouth, and Zamazenta, the one with chest muscles that form a shield. They look awesome and I want to pet them. Anyways, are you excited for Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield? What did you like most from the trailer? Comment down below and let me know! Also, stick with the Loot Gaming for all your gaming news, reviews and on everything surrounding destroying your rivals.

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