PS Now makes more money than every other Gaming Subscription COMBINED


Straight to the point here via Superdata. PS Now is the biggest gaming subscription service, larger than the rest combined in the USA. Considering that the PS4 is the biggest console in Europe and the second biggest in Japan (none of these services are available on Switch) then we can infer that this data would apply worldwide. The data also shows that consumers now prefer subscription based content compared to traditionally buying things individually. This makes sense, as services like PS Now and the wonderful Xbox Games Pass show there is a ton of value in subscriptions.

Superdata also found that subscribers spend spend considerably more, 45%, on new game purchases than non subscribers. This proves the people subscribing to these products are hardcore gamers looking to expand their available library rather than the casual fans looking for something to jump into. Gamers also prefer to download games rather than streaming them, an advantage of Xbox Games Pass that PS Now is catching up on. This is a problem Google will soon be facing.

With the industry set to embrace streaming in a big way via Stadia then it is interesting to examine its impact so far. What impact has it had? A decent amount. Subscription revenue amounted to 6% of consoles and PC gaming revenue in 2018. This is enough to be considered significant.

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