Sony changes PS Plus Free July Games in the last minute

While you may be thinking that the PlayStation Plus July games had already been announced, Sony came with a last minute change, and those expecting to try PES 2019 would be disappointed.


That’s right, Sony made a last minute change due to the ‘community outcry’ over PES 2019 for free (shame, as I was more than happy with this) so now, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, take a look at your new and ‘improved’ PS Plus July games.


We will be getting Detroit Become Human Digital Deluxe Edition (comes with Heavy Rain) instead -that’s a well worth substitution if you ask me- a game that has been at the top of my buy list for a while so now I will most definitely be hitting the download button and recommend you do the same. Horizon Chase Turbo is still the second game on offer here. You can check our review to see if this arcade racer is worth it.

This is a very brave and bold move from PlayStation to change things at the last minute but it’s great to see that they listen to the people that matter, the gamers. Detroit Become Human Deluxe Edition and Horizon Chase Turbo are both free now with your PlayStation Plus subscription.

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