PS Plus September 2018: It’s your Destiny 2 become a God of War (III)

I put all my effort into the headline. Here’s your PS Plus games for September 2018:

Destiny 2

With the huge update hitting this week as well the series’ largest ever expansion; Forsaken, closing in rapidly then Destiny 2 is very much a game in the spotlight. The co-operative FPS will be free to all PS plus subscribers next week. For more information on update 2.0, head here.

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God of War III

PS4 only owners might not actually know this but God of War 2018 is actually the fourth mainline title in a huge franchise. You probably did all know, but you might not know that God of War III is also an absolute masterpiece and the remastered version only makes it better. See Kratos’ final(?) moments in the Greek pantheon before he began his Norse adventure. Just look at that extra definition in Kratos’ muscles.

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What else?

A bonus!?

As an added perk PS VR horror Here They Lie and Playlink party quiz show Knowledge is Power will remain free for PS Plus members throughout September!

Pretty incredible if I do say so myself. The games on offer are pretty incredible as well, not just the headline. Make sure you download them on September 4th when they become available! If you want gaming news in the meantime, stick to Why not check out this preview of another Activision title, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Yes I played it. Yes I died a few times. Yes I absolutely loved it. Check it out!

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