PS4’s best Family Friendly games

Christmas is coming thick and fast. The weirdos in society will be able to tell you how many sleeps away it is. Other oddballs have their decorations up already. Some people will soon start wearing the ugliest shirts and jumpers to school. In the gaming world, we just look forward to a wee chance to kick back and play some new titles. If you’re a parent that could be difficult though. Today I’m going to try and help you out. Here are some of the best family friendly games on PS4 that you should consider picking up over the holiday season:

LEGO The Incredibles/LEGO DC Super Villains

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It would have been a crime not to include any of Warner Bros’ LEGO titles in this list. They’re colorful, they’re fun, they have plenty of play options and best of all they’re downright hilarious. Traveller’s Tales always absolutely nail the aesthetic of the brand they’re working with. They write love letters to the properties they develop. You can see it right away in the homage’s to DC and Pixar history that these two games show off. The best thing here is that you can play the entire games in co-op. That means there’s no pass the controller or ‘three deaths each’ shenanigans going on here. You can settle into a couple of hours of relaxed team play. The games aren’t difficult either which makes them very accessible. These should be top of anyone under 11 with a PS4’s Christmas list. They’re still high on mine.

Adam’s recommendation: 4.5/5
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Overcooked 2

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The perfect dessert for any Christmas dinner. Overcooked 2 is absolutely brilliant. I completely adored my time with it. You can play the entire game from start to finish in co-op and you can even jump online and play against others. It’s accessible and rewards high levels of teamwork well meaning there is plenty of challenge to be had depending on how you enjoy playing. There’s a platinum trophy available so you could even take advantage of your child to get this tasty treat! Fun fact: I was the first player in the world to get it. There’s even DLC available now. The best part is it won’t cost too much, around £18 in the UK just now and you can even get it physically.

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Adam’s recommendation: 5/5
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Knack 2

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Is it the best video game? Not by a long shot. Is it fun? Yes. Is it playable in co-op? Fully. Easy platinum? Yes. Simple to play? Very. Difficulty options? Loads. Difficulty options is actually where Knack 2 shines. With different paths available depending on how you choose to play it means you can really tailor your own experience. The story is as basic as it gets and thanks to the stunning graphics the younger generation will be sucked into the colorful world that Japan studio has created. Again it isn’t overly expensive but it’ll give you a ton of fun.

Adam’s recommendation: 3/5

Scribblenauts Mega Pack

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Warner Bros are really leading the line here. Scribblenauts is an ideal Christmas gift for a younger gamer. Not only will it help expand anyone’s vocabulary (yes even you and I), it’s also just really fun and satisfying to play. When you come up with solutions to puzzles you’ll be genuinely proud of yourself. You can play it together with one controller and work to solve puzzles or there is a co-op mode available. There’s also an absolute ton of content that means there’ll always be something to do and you’ll get way more for your money than expected.

Adam’s recommendation: 3.5/5
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Death Squared

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It would be wrong to talk about either puzzle games or co-op games without mentioning this piece of absolute, complete genius from SMG studios. It’s also total nonsense but in the best way. You’ll work together to manoeuvre cubes and solve challenges. It’ll really test whatever relationship you have but it’s so satisfying to come to a conclusion and solve something. My brother and I beat every level and had a total blast. For every five or six fights, there was at least one genuinely special ‘A-ha!’ moment where we’d even give each other praise.

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Adam’s recommendation: 4/5

Starlink: Battle for Atlas

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Another game with drop in/out co-op meaning it can be played entirely as a team. Ubisoft was aiming to cause a resurgence of the toys to life genre here and the good news is the price is already sitting at a reasonable £40. It’s well worth jumping in at that price to explore Ubisoft’s largest open world yet. You could have one copy of the game but buy other ships to mix up the co-op play. Good stocking fillers as well.

Adam’s recommendation: 3/5
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Spyro: Reignited Trilogy

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The first six games were all co-op, the next won’t be. The first is the return of everyone’s famous little purple dragon Spyro. He’s been remade in stunning graphics that no child will look at in disgust (try showing anyone under 12 a PS1/N64 game I dare you). There are three full games here so you won’t have to worry about content and on a whole, the combat and platforming are very accessible.

Adam’s recommendation: 4/5


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Yooka-Laylee does actually feature a competitive multiplayer mode. The main selling point though is obviously the adventure. Yooka-Laylee is a decent length with loads of collectables and fun unlockable modifiers. It’s a perfect introduction to the platforming genre and has bags of charms like its spiritual bear and bird predecessor. The characters are all cute and interesting and the silly story alone could pull you through.

Adam’s recommendation: 3/5

Crayola Scoot

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The latest from Outright Games brings the crayon brand to life. Equal parts Tony Hawk and equal parts Splatoon there’s a lot in this package. The levels are broken down into small challenges that only last a few minutes. This makes it absolutely perfect for pass the controller play as well as the full suite of multiplayer modes being available. It’s frantic fun and would be appealing to any child for the color alone.

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Adam’s recommendation: 4/5

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Ratchet and Clank

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Easily one of the best games on PS4. The gameplay is incredibly fun, the characters are all memorable and lovable and the story is totally top notch. Not a bad word to say about it and at the lower price point, there’s no excuse to not have played this.

Adam’s recommendation: 5/5


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Last but by no means least, it would have been criminal not to include this. I had wanted to include Bloodborne but apparently, it’s rated 18/Mature so not really applicable (although you should all play it). Minecraft is an absolute juggernaut and the reason for that has always been simple: it’s your game. You can be entirely creative. You could just be curious and want to explore. There are so many options available to players. You are given the keys to your own world and even given access to hundreds and thousands more, all with different modes and ideas. You can even play it all together in multiplayer. It really is the perfect multiplayer game for all ages.

Adam’s recommendation: 5/5

Those recommendation scores are quite high. It is a best of list after all. The good news is there is absolutely plenty to play for everyone over the holiday season. I’ve no doubt missed a ton (I deliberately left out Fortnite). Let me know if you have any suggestions!

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