PUBG is live now on Xbox 

Today is a big day for the world of Xbox gamers. Surprise smash hit game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds receives it’s first console launch with the Xbox One.

While launching in game preview, the final game comes out on PC December 20th, 8 days after the console release. Many questions are in the air. Will the Xbox version launch with vaulting and the new desert map? Will there be a frame cap on the Xbox One X? Luckily some answers to that are out now. Some concerns are around in the community about this game. It is a very hard game to run with a powerful gaming computer, and how will they get it to run on the Xbox One, which has technology that is becoming dated. While it may run like a 1050ti on the Xbox One X, the majority of the community has not had the chance to pick one of those up. Also, the development team confirmed that the game would run at 1080p 30fps no matter if you had the standard version or not. This is a disappointment to most with an X, along with Microsoft, who is really trying to push their new powerhouse console, but a console that comes with a price. The team claims to be working on 4K 60fps for the X, but it is unlikely even the most powerful console on the market can hit 60fps in 4K. The last concern of the community is the controller layout. The game uses almost every key on mouse and keyboard, and will be a difficult task to translate to a controller with 2 joysticks, 4 buttons, two triggers, and two bumpers. It is speculated that the new map and vaulting will launch on the 12th with the console release. As you can see, the community has many questions about how this whole project will turn out. Stay tuned to The Loot Gaming for information on the launch, as we will be covering it.

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