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PUBG Xbox Update 7

PUBG on Xbox keeps getting regular updates to improve on its game preview release late last year. Here is a rundown of the what has been changed in Update 7:

First we have the improvement to input lag which is always a great thing for games especially shooters which require precision. Improved visual quality of the reticles along with several bug fixes have also come with the update.

  • Pressing Y to remove the marker on the map will no longer switch between your primary and secondary weapons
  • When reconnecting to a game session, the crosshair was not displayed correctly. This is fixed
  • Sensitivity setting on the VSS and 4X scope are now the same
  • When aiming down sights, auto run is disabled
  • Can now use the dpad in map view without switching weapons

More substantial changes focus on the damage players do to vehicles:

  • Much more damage done to vehicle wheels and increased damage to vehicle body
  • Grenades do more damage to vehicles when targeted
  • Players within the car will suffer increased injury from crashes
  • If hit by a vehice, players will suffer slightly less damage

Those are the latest changes to the game. Stop by again when Update 8 goes live.




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