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Quake Champions is Free To Play this Week

Quake Champions was evolved with the community in mind. Many may remember this title from their younger years. Your younger self may also be excited to learn that this year, they are going all in on esports with tournaments hosted on a variety of scales, including at Quake Con.! Quake Champions is free to play this week. If you get in to download this week, you can stay playing Quake Champions for free.

Run to Quake.com right now to get in on all the bullet rain you remember. I love how much more detail has been added to the various character designs. There is seemingly a super move for each of the characters displayed. Keel, a heavily armed man with missile launching shoulder pads and Visor, a stealth master with a deadly shotgun, along with a plethora of unique characters are on the roster. See for yourself below.

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