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Rage 2 Gameplay Trailer Revealed (not leaked)

Without 0 ado, the Rage 2 gameplay trailer:

Described by one of our writers (Ghostwriter) as ‘Mad Max meets Bulletstorm’ and by another (Me) as ‘Borderlands meets Doom’ it’s safe to say the game looks absolutely bonkers. In the madcap fun way of course. A diverse open world, frantic first person shooting and a wide array of enemies are on display in the trailer.

The game is being developed by ID software who have a legendary first person shooter reputation with assistance from Avalanche Studios, developers of the Just Cause series and the recent Mad Max. The mix of open world and FPS genres will be perfectly suited to these two teams.


Hopefully we find out more details and a release date very soon. When it’s available make sure to check out thelootgaming.com!

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