Rainbow Six Siege: 10 Year Plan and No Sequel

Who else is a daily player of Rainbow Six Siege? I know I am. However, I’ve often wondered to myself, “How could they ever make a sequel to this game, without it just being a face lift?” Well, over the weekend, my thoughts were answered.


During the 2018 Six Invitational, Ubisoft announced that if the company gets their way, Rainbow Six Siege will end up with 100 operators over a 10-year span. Bare in mind we are into year 3 now. Now, obviously with announcing a 10-year plan, all sequel talks are now out the window.


The game has gained another 2 million players in under 3 months meaning the game is now at 27 million players. In my eyes, if Ubisoft wanted to make some quick cash, they could easily pump out a Rainbow Six Siege 1.5. But, I’m glad to see this approach. Ubisoft has really become a company to stick with a game. No matter how bad the initial reception is. That mentality is what has made Siege such a success today.

Coming from a player since the game launched. The original build was a mess, you could see the potential in the game, but it just wasn’t there yet. To see this game where it is today is really a credit to Ubisoft and their dedication.


However, I do have some worries with this announcement. First of all, I’m not saying graphics are everything, but 10 years is a long time. Think about it, they want this game to keep going until 2025. Unless they bring in another graphical update or port the game to the inevitable next generation, by that time, I think I’d want the next installment.

Second of all, even if Ubisoft doesn’t make it to 10 years. With the number of planned operators coming, if they ever wanted to make a sequel to this game, the sequel has the potential to be been there, done that. I just think Ubisoft has maybe realised how hard it would be to follow up Siege, so rather than try, it’s safer for now to keep supporting the game we already have.

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Don’t get me wrong. I am happy to see, that a company that found success with a shooter, doesn’t feel the need to smack a new coat of paint on a new game and leave the old game in the dust. I just am having trouble seeing how a sequel to Siege would work and I think the longer they hold it off, the more time they have to figure that out.

However, the game we have, in Rainbow Six Siege is constantly improving. The game is constantly striving for what is best for the community. So, along with the 10-year plan announcement. Ubisoft also announced a change to what was a pretty confusing pricing system. Cutting the price of the Standard Edition and having all original 20 operators unlocked from the start, with all the weapon attachments.


As a long time, player, it’s about time. It was almost painful seeing new players with one or 2 operators to pick from and if someone else picked them, they got stuck with Recruit. So, this way new players don’t have to feel so punished for being new.

There is also plans to lower operator costs in the Starter Edition. Which if you are unaware was a cheaper version of the game, but the operators were about 10 times as much to purchase. As I own this version on my PC, I can tell you that I only just unlocked all the operators and I’m level 83. A version of the game that sincerely needed a change.

To conclude this article, Ubisoft are officially the comeback kings. From Rainbow Six to The Division. Both games that seem to be flourishing right now after a rocky beginning. I am over the moon to be hearing that I game I still play almost each and every day will have continued support for years to come.


I do have my worries about how feasible a 10-year game plan is, but, even if they pass the 5-year mark, that’s still a great achievement, especially going back to how the game started out. I’m in no rush for a sequel or even if I get a sequel at all. I’m content, with this game. From the support, the community, the new operator’s potentials. I’m excited.

It’s just refreshing to not need to buy the latest game in a franchise every year, only for the previous game to be forgotten about. A lot of games could learn from Ubisoft and Rainbow Six Siege. Maybe not how to launch a game, but, how to offer continuous support and maintain a solid community for years after the games launch.rainbowsix

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