Rainbow Six Siege; What Keeps Me Going Back?

First of all, I just want to express my love for Rainbow Six.

I have a soft spot for competitive shooters and for me, Siege is unlike any other. The game has a steep learning curve but it’s one of those games that your character doesn’t get better… But you get better instead. I have put so many hours into Siege, unlocked nearly all characters and just tipped over to level 160 so I feel like I have enough experience to write this article. With all that being said though, there are times where I take a break and move onto another game but somehow this game makes me crawl my way back and slay them noobs. Why is this? What is it about this game that makes a player like myself come back? Let’s answer some of these questions.

Ubisoft care!

I have to give praise to Ubisoft here as they have done an amazing job with supporting this game. From each season being different from the last, to small challenge updates via the Ubisoft Club, this game stays fresh.

Season 7 has launched recently and it feels and looks like a new game. New look, new sounds, updated map, new operators, new paint jobs, new animations and an updated trophy list. Not to mention the fact ranked play has been given an overhaul with the new ban system and ranked badges. You just don’t get support like this from other games of the same genre, and, if you do, you have to pay for it.

Everything in Siege, except a few uniforms and skins, can be obtained by simply playing the game and I have hardly spent any money in this game and have all the best operators and some nice weapon skins. Add in the alpha pack system; it has made earning items rewarding but also gives the player a lot of choice in what they want to unlock.

It seems Ubisoft has made this game with the player in mind and continue to improve it and make things more accessible.

You Learn As You Play

As I mentioned in the opening, your character doesn’t get better, you get better. When I first played Siege and finished my first ranked season, I was horrible at it. But over time I have learnt how to use each operator, found which one suits my play style, tweaked my settings to help me perform to my best and improved my map knowledge. Each area I have listed has helped me finish platinum each ranked season and it feels great. I love how far I have come but in no way am I the best.

The sense of achievement is unlike any other game. Especially when you get charms to equip on your gun to show off your placement in ranked. However, if you’re worried with multiplayer and want to practice elsewhere, you do have the option of terrorist hunt in which you have to protect an objective against AI enemies of different classes. Personally, I don’t play this much because of how used I am to the game but all my friends use this as a way to get used to new guns, new maps and to warm-up their shot.

The game appeals to people of all skill levels and then it’s over to you on how quick you progress.

The Operators Are unique And Fun To Play

The main highlight with this game are by far the operators that you play as. When you boot up the game for the first time, you only have the option of playing as the Recruit. This operator allows you to try out each primary weapon, utility and sidearm to find which one suits you. From there you get the joy of buying your first unique operator with the in-game currency know as Reknown which you get from completing challenges and playing matches. Each operator has a unique ability, primary weapon, secondary weapon and utility. To also give you a taste of what they do, the vanilla operators also come with a small video to give you an idea of what they are capable of. Now this is my favourite part of this game as there is so much choice given to the player. You are never forced to buy something you don’t want to; you buy the operator that fits you. This means, each game you play is dynamic but also nerve racking as you never know what is going to happen. Each match is played with a 5v5 attacker and defender style game mode which consists of hostage, secure area and bomb. The games are won with how well you play as a team and use each operators gadget to counter and tilt the round into your favour.

Each match is diverse and unique

I had a look recently and I’ve clocked in at over 450 hours on siege and in that time I have never played the same match twice. That keeps me on my toes and more so, keeps each game feeling like an unpredictable challenge. The reason for this is, because of the amount of maps, operators and players, the combinations are endless and although you can see the same operators each map they are played differently. In my opinion this is what sets Siege apart from any other competitive shooter out there as the stakes are so high and the choices are so vast that each game gets my full attention. Plus, it gets even more dynamic in ranked the higher and higher you climb the ladder. Silvers play different to golds, platinum’s play different to diamond players which makes you adapt your play style each game but even the best players struggle to change their game plan.

To sum it all up, give siege a go. If your a fan of competitive shooters or even if you have no clue I urge you to pick this game up. There is just no better feeling than stomping and enemy team or better yet, just coming out on top. With the vast amount of operators and the frequent free content, there is something for everyone and I promise you will not be disappointed!

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