Rayman addition in Brawlhalla has divided the community
Is Rayman a savior?

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We have Rayman in Brawlhalla!

The announcement came from the official Brawlhalla twitter account on Sept 2nd 2018, introducing Rayman as a new character coming on November 6th! Brawlhalla’s Blue Mammoth Studios was picked up by Ubisoft so that is basically how this was possible. This new marriage of Ubisoft and Brawlhalla had some of the community nervous about what the possible future was. Now that we have Rayman in Brawlhalla, fans are split. While a great few are excited, there are some that don’t like the inclusion of Rayman into Brawlhalla for a few reasons.


Rayman in Brawlhalla causes some turmoil.

Here are a few bits of what I have combed through. The ratio of opinions is about 60 % positive and 40% negative.


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Yes, there is a petition to get Rayman removed from the Brawlhalla roster you see.  I can see the issue with a foreign already established entity “invading” our unique little game. There are just a few things I would like to address, a few concerns for those who have adverse feelings about this.

We can do better

The first of which is the idea that Rayman doesn’t fall into the lore of Brawlhalla. The creators describe the game on their own website simply as an”eternal battle arena where the greatest warriors in history brawl to prove who’s the best that ever was, is or will be”. This means that anyone that can die can essentially get into the supreme battlefield. Even though Brawlhalla does indeed have a colorful cast with much-loved characters, (Love Asuri, Xull, and Ragnir personally!) the game really sets it up that any character in the known universe can somehow eventually be included in Brawlhalla and made to fit into the mold. More likely, we may see other characters linked to Ubisoft like; Assassins Creed characters, For Honor characters, Watch Dogs, and a few others.

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Is it possible for them to dilute the originality by adding such a recognized character, Rayman in Brawlhalla? There just doesn’t seem to be enough of them, but expect some more of them. The devs speak a little bit on the release on the Brawlhalla Youtube channel.

Another concern is that the confirmation somehow removes Rayman possibility from ending up in the latest installment of Smash Bros.  I am not sure of the intricacies and laws involved in making this happen, but this far from takes Rayman out of the running. Link is a guest in Soul Calibur, and Megaman is featured on MvC while on Smash Bros. I won’t even get into how many crossovers Ryu has been involved with. We should just wait it out and honestly just hope for the best.

Having Rayman in Brawlhalla is GOOD.

For those of us within the community, Brawlhalla is fantastic close to our heart within our circle of friends. Anyone who tries it out usually ends up enjoying the game too so the community does grow. The negative views need to stop if we ever want to get the game to elevate to the standard we want it to. We have to be a welcoming community because once Rayman is out, we are getting a bunch of new Brawlers. You can’t think of him as cheapening the game or as an advertising ploy that has busted in to diminish the game. Consider Rayman as the savior that Brawlhalla really needs to pull it off of the cult-level fame plateau and into the clouds, recognized as a major title. Do your part as a member of the community to make the new players coming in from Nintendo and Xbox welcome.

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New to the game?

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