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Recent study shows yearly power consumption of current and former generation of consoles

As gamers, we are more than used to watch graphic and performance comparisons between consoles, am I right? But, what about power consumption? Have you ever wondered which console makes your bill go up faster?

Well, if you ever have it’s your lucky day! A recent studio by German electricity provider E.On shows the yearly power consumption comparison of both the current and the former generation of consoles. The following stats are based on a 2 hours per day use:

Current Gen

Xbox One X: ~ 36€
PS4 Pro: ~ 34€
Xbox One: ~ 25€
PS4 Basic Model: ~ 18€
Nintendo Switch: ~ 3€
SNES Classic Mini: ~ 1€

Former Gen

PS3: ~ 40€
PS2: ~ 5€
PS1: ~ 2€

Xbox 360: ~ 36€
Xbox: ~ 14€

Wii U: ~ 7€
Wii: ~ 3€

Source, Via

So there you go… Looks like Nintendo is king here. On the other hand, it’s clear that the more powerful consoles need more power, so yeah, not really surprising.

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