ReCore: Gamescom 2017 News

What was ReCore?
On September 13, 2016 Microsoft launched a new IP called ReCore. It received average and mixed reviews. Some of the concerns were mostly to performance issues as the game had framerate problems and heavy stuttering. It also had low textures in some areas and long loading screens. The game did receive praises for its great platforming and it’s wonderful character control. It also had some satisfying adrenaline fueling combat and a great cast of Corebots. All in all it wasn’t a good or bad game but it had potiential.

The Definitive Edition

A little under a year later, Microsoft has announced the Definitive Edition of ReCore. Definitive Editions usually are for games re-releasing with all prior DLC at a budget price (in some cases full price) but, sometimes, it’s a second chance to perfect a game the company believes in.

On August 29th you can get this new version which comes with HDR support and enhanced graphics. Along with certain aspects of the game getting reworked, the game will also come with a new robotic companion T8-NK as well as a new story addition called Eye Of Obsidian.

Another reason to delve into this re-release is the free DLC updates that will hit the game for the remainder of the year. The best news about all of this is the fact that if you own the original release, you receive all of this for free.

This may be the perfect game to use your new Xbox One X  for later this year as all of this will be taken to an even higher level with the monster console’s 4K capabilities and glorious teraflop power.

Further Details

Your new robotic Metal Gear is a a tank you can drive, making traversing through the environment easier. Especially in quicksand. Protagonist Joule is also getting some new new gear and your Corebots are customizable adding more ability for you to express yourself. Or themselves. These aren’t just skins, you can really change how they look.

The Eye Of Obsidian new quest will allow the player, from what I’ve gathered, to battle against members of the Obsidian Cult while going through different dungeons to achieve what makes us set out on the quest. Then there is also the mysterious AOKand whatever role he or she will play.

This new version looks like the version they always set out to make and if they can relieve all the issues the original release had, were truly looking at the definitive edition and hopefully the new foundation for a sequel.

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