Red Dead Redemption 2 is one week away, come see the launch trailer!


It’s been years and the moment of truth is finally upon us. There is one week until the legendary Rockstar release their latest game; Red Dead Redemption 2. The hype is at unreal levels, it has been eight years since the original title (which technically was a sequel) created an incredible, living, breathing open world and the tragic tale of John Marston unravelled before us. I was in the fourth year in high school, I sat a Maths exam, left school, went straight to ASDA where I lied about my age to buy Red Dead Redemption then played it daily for a fortnight. Time of my life. The exciting thing is that with every trailer, with every glimpse of the wild west we get, the hype builds. We are a week away from heading to 1899 to join new protagonist Arthur Morgan in an epic adventure as he and the Van Der Linde gang flee federal agents and bounty hunters. There are plenty of options available for those of you still looking to pre-order, whether you’re going digital or full on collector’s edition, there’s something there. Check them out right here. To help you pass the time, stick to where you’ll get a ton of gaming news and reviews.

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