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Reminder That Sagat & G Release Today For Street Fighter V!

Capcom announced earlier this year the fighters that would be included in the Season 3 pass for Street Fighter V. The characters were Sakura, Blanka, Falke, Cody, G, and Sagat. Up until EVO, only G and Sagat were left to release.

Street Fighter V and EVO have had a fantastic relationship with Ono always announcing or showcasing something wonderful. To cap off the wonderful event, after the competitive finals of Street Fighter V, Capcom showed gameplay trailers for both of the final two Season 3 fighters. Elation, cheers, and passion erupted from all of those in attendance as Capcom revealed that both fighters would be available the next day, today.

That’s right! Sagat and G are available now with a new stage and costumes to get. Yes, they are pretty amazing. Unsure whether or not to jump into Street Fighter V? Check out the review!

Let us know what you think about Sagat and G! Do you like them? Hate them? Who would you like to see in Season 4? Also, remember to follow The Loot Gaming for all your gaming news and reviews!

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