Report indicates Walking Dead developer Telltale Games appears to be downsizing

You would almost be forgiven in thinking that Telltale had developed the game


Telltale Games have just released a press statement via their official Twitter account, addressing the current situation;


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According to a report published at The Verge, Telltale employees have been posting messages on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter announcing that the studio is facing massive layoffs, down to 25 employees from 250. Telltale has been consistently putting out choice-based adventure games, starting with new Sam and Max Adventure games in 2007, and more recently the critically acclaimed Walking Dead series.

The news comes as Telltale earlier this year announced a licensing deal with Netflix’s Stranger Things series, and also a sequel to the wildly popular Wolf Among Us.

There’s still no official word from Telltale if these reports are true.

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