Resident Evil 2 ‘Leon and Claire ’98’ DLC costumes announced, more free content on its way

Capcom does what Bethesdon’t!

Not only we are getting near to the release date of the title people are dying for it (get it, ‘zombies’? Ok…), but we are also having some nice free dessert with our main course! That’s right, your eyes are not deceiving you: Resident Evil 2 will allow us to play with the polygonal Leon and Claire ’98 free of charge! If we are patient enough, of course.

Thanks to Game’s Talk, we saw in the latest Japanese RE 2 stream these two costumes in action. As you can see in the following video, these alternative skins are just the answer for those who are too damn nostalgic to play this without the old looks. Which is quite funny if you ask me, as we also had classic costumes for Leon and Claire. But hey, you can’t go classier than PSX graphics (jump to 59:01 if you don’t want to eat all the hype filler):

As also stated by the video, the people who bought a PS Store card with the original Resident Evil 2 design on it will be able to obtain those costumes the moment they validate the code on the Store. The cards will be limited, but fear not: the costumes will be released for free for everyone on March 22. And if you think this is enough, think again because Capcom is going to release something else as well: a new game mode free as well!

‘The Ghost Survivors’ will put us in the hands of some “what if…?” scenarios with three characters that we found and saw perish in the original RE 2 title. We will control the major’s daughter, Robert Kendo and an unknown U.S.S member. This mode will be out as post-launch content.

Nice job giving things for free Capcom! Actions like this make me proud of being a fan of this franchise. Can’t wait to taste the Tofu…

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