My Retro to Game Wishlist 

For a while now I have often dreamt of my favourite childhood shows and films to be brought back to life in gaming form, bringing my two loves of life together, I know there has been some (quite ropey) attempts at this, notably the A TEAM movie Xbox Arcade tie in which was a sincere disappointment (movie and game!) 

Now my way of thinking isn’t purely around the fact that I just want to play out my childhood dreams (although mostly!) I do genuinely believe there is some epic games to be made out of these.

The A Team : Yes I appreciate I have already said this has been done before, but I’m thinking bringing it out at the level of like a Ghost Recon Wildlands. Think of it you have the ideal character base for 4 players co-op missions and the ideal story to play along with.

Macgyver : A sincerely missed trick here I think with the perfect character for a game on the basis of maybe a Splinter Cell type of game where you would use Macgyver’s skills and techniques to stealthily get your way out of some hairy situations.

The Goonies : There was a platformer brought out for the NES back in the day,

but to me this is the another great candidate for a great co-op game but this one would be more along the lines of an adventure game such as Tomb Raider as you team up with your pals to beat the Fratellis and capture One Eyed Willy’s treasure.

Home Alone : There has been many previous incarnations of a video game on earlier consoles,

but picture this a remake in the style of an adventure espionage game at its finest can you use your skills and the environment to out witt the Wet Bandits?

The list is truly endless I could go on and on, will we see any if these I sincerely doubt it is hoped one day maybe a game developer with a heart full of retro goodness will come along until then alas it’s all but a dream.

Leave your comments below with any other ideas for any retro shows/films you’d like to see made into games.

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