Retro Recall – MicroMachines 

Back many moons ago, when life (and pixels) was a lot simpler, I started my journey with gaming. It was when my parents bought me and my two brothers a Sega MegaDrive for Christmas between us, one system between 3 lads didn’t mix and yes, there were plenty of fights. But when we did actually manage to play without carnage, there was some epic gaming to be had, we had the staple of most Sega systems (if not all) Sonic The Hedgehog and a whole host of others, but there was one in particular that caught my attention and would go on to take alot of my time too, this would be MicroMachines. My glorious introduction to racing on consoles and boy was I enchanted by it, now bare in mind this is the days long before the likes of Forza even exsisted (yes those says did exsist) the mere thought of racing around a bath tub or kitchen worktop had me mesmerised. 


Now with the option of couch co-op multiplayer there were a ton of competitions (with two VERY competitive brothers). The cars were not licensed like they are today in most racing games, but to me they looked amazing, it also helped that my brother and I collected nearly every toy possible connected to MicroMachines so to see them come to life on the screen in front of me just blew my mind. The MicroMachines franchise has continued to flourish with a game out for the Xbox One but for me, if you are going to play it, then it needs to be on the Classic Mega Drive edition.


To me at the time it was the height of Arcade racing (in my eyes) and opened my mind up to many more to come. To look back even at that time, the detail of the environment were spot on and really got you into the game, I mean who wouldn’t want to race around the breakfast table.

The choice of tracks partnered with the racing made the game a whole lot of fun and to find it on places like eBay for sale today makes me tempted to dive back in and relive my racing childhood. I loved this game like many more on the megadrive but for me the MicroMachines game stands out and we’ll deserves a Retro Recall for me.

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