Review: Slayaway Camp

Reviewed+Played on Xbox One S, Available on Xbox/PlayStation 4/iOS/Android/Steam

Welcome.. to the world of Slayaway camp! You rock a character named Skullface! Objective? Get rid of those meddling teenagers like the Scooby gang! Always getting into your business.. but never going away! Decapitate, eviscerate, dis-embowel, bludgeon, drown your way to glory!! Just leave the cute little cats alone, OK?




This lovable, tribute to horror puzzle game really gives you a wonderfully gore-tastic time! An ode to classic horror, be ready to put your mind to the test! Skullface is but one of many characters you can play in this fun horror-esque game, terrorizing those pesky teens to your hearts content. while putting your problem solving skills to the test!

Release Dates:

  • Steam: Oct25th 2016
  • Xbox/Ps4: Oct22nd 2017
  • Mobile/iPad/Online: Awhile ago?
  • Price: $16.99CAD (Xbox) (Ps4)   Steam: Varies

Genre: Puzzle

Developed by: Blue Wizard Digital

Published by: Digerati Distribution



Slayaway camp is nothing but simple fun. A throwback to classic slasher horror, it gives you the feel of being the bad guy without.. well you know, actually being a bad guy. It starts out simplistic, slowly letting you learn the mechanics and how the puzzle game works. You can move in 4 directions, up/down and side to side. The catch? You have to move the whole distance. Not 1 tile, or 3 or 4. but from end to end until you hit an obstacle. This turns some puzzle levels that seem fairly easy, into difficult layouts. Main objective in the game is to kill all of the teenagers, and escape by getting to the Evil Portal Circle placed in specific spots on each level. Be careful though, sometimes the police are on the lookout and you’ll get arrested! There are even some cats caught up in the poor onslaught of mass murder.. but don’t hurt them OK? We love them, even though they may not love you.. The further you progress in the levels the more difficult it gets. Starts out easy, where you learn the mechanics of how the game works with the movement. Go around, get the victim and what not. Shortly after, police are introduced where if you land on the tile they are aiming at, you are arrested and its GAME OVER MAN! GAME OVER!! Then those cute, little cat critters are introduced. Don’t hurt them, or it’s also game over. Animal cruelty OK? Killing people in the game is ok, but leave the damn CATS ALONE! More mechanics are introduced throughout the course of the game, always giving it a fresh feel and really lets you bring your problem solving skills to the surface. I don’t want to give away too much as to what the game holds, but it really is just such a fun and fantastic game to play. slayaway-camp-level-obstacles

Slayaway camp is a pure Singleplayer experience with no multiplayer aspect, which is completely fine by me. If you REALLY want that multiplayer, give it a go at a party and each person has to play once per level! This game boasts a tremendous amount of content, with over 300 levels, 90+ Gorepacks adding extra “Kill Scenes”, and 60+ Serial Killers that definitely let your mind run wild with laughter and fun. Who doesn’t like a shark running around on land killing people?

This game never gives the whole murder killing spree idea any actual means to make it reality. The cute and fun music, sounds and pixelated graphics makes this (almost) fun for the whole family! It’s not actually for the whole family.. seriously, no kids should be playing this. GROWN UPS ONLY!! Ok kiddos? NOT! FOR! YOU! The theme music really gives you a chuckle when you hear the classic Jason music and the “CSHH SHH shh, AHH Ahh ahh” It really is such a blast!


Well, if you love horror especially from the 80’s then this is a MUST PLAY! Being the time of year that it is, I highly recommend that you give it a play at your Halloween party or even if you just want abit of nostalgia with lots of funniness.. ness? is that even a word? Either way if you’re in the feel of a not too serious horror loving ode to the 80’s classics, this is the game for you!


Slayaway Camp











  • Great Gameplay
  • Replay Value
  • Homage to Horror
  • Kitties!

Not Cool

  • Repetative
  • Not enough attaention to characters

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