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In this Rollin Eggz Review, we analyze the new game Square Heads Games and Grimtalin have released, another one to have fun with the whole family. A game I’m sure we will all enjoy.


When you first get into Rollin Eggz, the very first thing that catches your attention are the vivid colors; the graphical style is like an animated movie. My first impression is that it’s a very attractive game in terms of visuals: very bright and friendly.

The menu has a good layout, pretty simple for users of any age to understand. Here you can choose the game mode that you wish to play. There are three different modes to choose from; First, you have the original Rollin mode, with the eggs rolling to you from both sides of the screen; Secondly the Raining mode, where the eggs will be falling from above; and finally, the Rainbow mode, where you have to catch the correct colored egg that corresponds to the selected color given. We will talk about them later on this Rollin Eggz Review.

I tried the original Rollin Eggz mode as it was the first choice on the list, also because you will probably start there too! There are three characters in the game; the first one is Philip The Fox, which is the only character unlocked, so he will be the one you will begin playing with; then you have Terry The Dog and Maggie The Lady, both of them can be unlocked as you play and collect the game’s coins.

Starting as Philip The Fox, down on the farm, you will have to move to catch as many eggs as you can with a small wicker type basket. At first, the eggs roll quite slowly and seems a bit easy but it gets harder with time. During the game, you will begin to see other items that can be helpful, like bombs and lightening eggs or even golden eggs. Bombs clear the eggs but don’t give you points and the lightening eggs speed up the eggs. The golden eggs will either give you an extra life if you need it or extra points, you also have to be aware of the rotten black eggs that roll down, as catching these will make you lose a life.

If you lose all of your lives it’s game over, and if you miss catching an egg you lose a life too. As you can see, its gameplay mechanics are quite simple.

At the bottom of the screen, you will see two characters appear at different times, a snail and a ladybird. They have different control options, press the button when indicated and different things will happen; the snail can make the eggs slow down for a limited time, then the ladybird can make that only golden eggs and rotten eggs appear. There are no baddies to deal with or anything like that. The aim of the game is to get the highest score and last as long as you can, that’s where the competitive nature of the game comes from and you will most definitely say “just one more go” as you try your best to beat your last score.

When you lose all your lives it’s game over and your total points will convert into coins that you can use to unlock the other characters.

Next, I tried the Raining mode, it’s the same principle as Rollin but from a different perspective this time. The chickens are above you, changing the way of playing it. I personally found this mode slightly easier as it was just hitting left and right rather than moving around, but it still maintained the enjoyability and competitive nature.

Finally, the Rainbow mode. Here you have to catch the corresponding colored egg to the color given on the top right corner. This mode is the hardest in my opinion as it’s not just a case of catching the eggs, it also has to be the right egg. I found this one a lot more challenging and therefore more enjoyable to play. Here I spent most of my time playing, it’s very similar to the puzzle ball games you get on mobile devices and just as addictive.

Graphics & Sound

The graphics of Rollin Eggz fits the market it’s targeting, which in my opinion is family and children. The graphics are very cartoony with a soundtrack of a kids TV show. The colors alone are mind-blowing and will sure captivate anyone playing it. The game itself comes into its own when you put the Switch into cradle mode and play it through the TV, the colors really do pop out and dazzle you, they really work well on the big screen.

The sound section of Rollin Eggz is good, the soundtrack is funny and family friendly, no heavy metal rock or swearing hip hop, I’m afraid it’s all a big family vibe here. All the sound effects blend well with the theme of the game with all the chickens and chicks giving off lots of cutesy sounds.


Being honest, at first, I didn’t like the look of it and I thought it was a bit boring… how wrong I was. It is one of the most addictive games I have ever played and spent a lot of fun-filled hours trying to beat my score. It is a great shame that there is no multiplayer option as I feel this needs a co-op or party mode to get everyone involved.

We highly recommend this title to anyone with a family as it’s definitely a game you can all get involved in, keep the competitive nature in your family going as you try to beat each other’s scores. It’s definitely a pick up for me, and for only £2.69, why wouldn’t you?

Rollin Eggz Rating
Rollin Eggz Rating 8.8 out of 10

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