Ruiner is available now

The latest game to grace our consoles and PCs is Ruiner; a full on bloodstorm set in the futuristic metropolis of Rengkok City.

Ruiner is a top down shooter created in the spirit of cyberpunk anime and certainly has that classic top down action shooter feel to it.

The general gist of the story is that you are basically a wired up to the eyeballs psyscopath who has been hacked, you go up against the corrupt system who has taken your brother and you are out for revenge, you are out for the truth, you are out for their blood.

Your speed, huge arsenal of implants and weapons are your biggest allies in this relentless fight for the truth; the helmet you wear is an essential part of the arsenal you have at your disposal as through it you hear a voice that guides you through the relentless adventure.

All in all, Ruiner is what action games should be an all out run and gun bloodfest and is well worth a look at if you (like me) are that way inclined, for me the only downside is the lack of co-op as this type of game screams out for it, maybe in a future patch the developers will include this but that aside, this does look a great game and I will be checking it out.

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