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Rumour Confirmed: Crash Bandicoot is coming to Xbox One

Back in August 2017, the UK retailer listed Crash Bandicoot: N.Sane Trilogy releasing on Xbox One in December 2017.

The internet went crazy for two reasons: 1) Most assumed this to be another PS4 3rd party exclusive and rightly so because 2) The original three Crash games were the Naughty Dog trilogy and have only ever been on Sony systems. Crash was Sony’s mascot back then, a more teenager focused shot at Nintendos infamously child friendly plumber.

Well, as we all know, December came and went with no sign of the marsupial on Microsoft’s device. That seemed to put a nail in the coffin of that particular rumor. However, the plot thickened when at the beginning of February, eagle eyed folks at noted that a licensing manager for a European merchandising frim named Max Arguile had some words to say regarding the Bandicoots future. It noted that the N.Sane Trilogy would be going broader in 2018, naming both the Switch and PC versions. But wait, what the about the Xbox One?

Nothing was mentioned and so the rumor wasn’t just nailed in its coffin, but had now been buried 6ft deep and smothered in concrete. Further chatter regarding the Switch version continued until today when the game was officially announced during the latest Nintendo Direct. And that was that until an hour ago when Activision tweeted that Crash was jumping to new platforms. A click of the link and there it was… Xbox One version finally confirmed.

Nearly 8 months after the instigating retailer listing, and a release 7 months later than originally expected, the classic trilogy is finally coming to the Xbox. And it all started with an online outlet letting slip too early

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…just saying.