Rumors of Forza Horizon 4 To Be Set In Tokyo

The rumor mill is in full swing on social media with suggestions of a new location for the epic Forza Horizon franchise. If true this makes and exciting turn for the open world racing game. The questions here would be are they sticking to the Horizon format or going more for the Need for Speed style story based game? My thoughts are they would probably stick to the format they’ve got; the old saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” kind of springs to mind. The mere thoughts of drifting through the streets of Tokyo or even better the winding mountains (or both) really gets my petrol head juices flowing. A truly exciting prospect and hopefully we can get some official words from Turn 10 soon,so far all we have is a release date of 2018 with the exact date kept quiet for now, also kept under wraps is the games location for now with the general feedback from the fan base liking the idea of a Tokyo based game only time will tell where they will go this time. Keep an eye here and we will update you with the latest info on this as it happens.

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