Rumour: Two new Switch models to release this year

In a report by the Wall Street Journal, they outline information of two new Nintendo Switch models coming in 2019, possibly even revealed as early as E3.

They claim one version will have ‘enhanced features targeted at avid gamers‘ similar to the Xbox One X or PS4 Pro, but obviously not as powerful. In the article, they state sources that have seen the hardware, including ‘parts suppliers and software developers‘.

The second revision is said to be a lower price model aimed at the casual and children market, most likely a replacement for the Nintendo 3DS.

Wall Street Journal tech report Takashi Mochizuki elaborated on Twitter, stating they will be ‘different from the original and you’d be surprised’.

They also outline a source that hints to E3 2019 as the reveal and the launch ‘a few months later’.

You can find the original source by the Wall Street Journal here.

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