Rumours of Big Take-Two Takeover About to Happen

Take-Two Interactive

Rumours are spreading like wildfire on the social platforms today, about a potentially massive game changing takeover that could happen pretty soon. Via MarketWatch, Sony Interactive are rumoured to be in advanced board level discussions with Take-Two Interactive in a potential buy out. This could prove huge and potentially change the gaming landscape as under the Take-Two umbrella you have Rockstar games and the 2K brand of games, all bringing with them their massive IPs.

The news began to surface when Take-Two’s stock prices climbed by nearly 5%, resulting in experts suggesting a potential cash buyout is on the horizon.

At this stage, it is purely rumours and nothing has been confirmed, but it would be a potentially massive move for Sony and could be seen as a nod to Microsoft and their acquisition of various IPs. We will see in the coming days what will happen, but be sure that whenever we know, you will know too.

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