Sean Bean about Hitman 2: “I think people might enjoy killing me”

The famous actor talks about his experience working with the people of IO Interactive and his role as ‘the Undying’ .

I don’t know if you understand that we have 2 weeks left before Hitman 2 comes out. And I hope you do, because right now I can assure you that a red tie is growing from my neck. Don’t worry: as Sean Bean in Hitman 2, I’m also known as The Undying. Sadly, I’m not as cool as he is, nor I’m able to enjoy my time giving life to this Elusive Target in the sequel to Bald Man Throws Wrenches Hitman, as he tells us in this interview with the people of UNILAD Gaming:

The lovely people from UNILAD spoke with Sean Bean about his Elusive Target character in the game, Mark Faba. As he states, this experience is quite new to him:

[…] I’ve narrated quite a few games but I’ve never actually appeared in one physically. I was approached by IO Interactive [and] they kind of fill me in on what is was about[…] I think we created quite an interesting character Mark Faba and a very worthy opponent to Agent 47[…]

As he followed with the interview, he spoke a little bit about his character in the game, Mark Faba:

[…] He’s a really kind of a talented clever ex-MI5 agent that is a master of faking his own death and he enjoys it, he plays around with the establishment with the Agency and he taunts everyone so I think people might enjoy killing me!

It seems that Bean enjoys being portrayed as a videogame character, as he continues:

[…] I like this kind of field and I like this kind of format […] I really like it [and] I’d like to do more of this. You know maybe they’ll find another character for me in this[…]

I suggest you watch the rest of the interview in order to see how with your own eyes how much Sean Bean enjoyed being part of Hitman 2. And remember that Bald Guy Flamingo Killer 2 releases November 13th, so you better start searching for a nice suit for the occasion.

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